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Web and Graphic Design

Here are some examples of stuff I've created in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and some vidos/animated banners in Flash and After effects.
The Motion typography video was created in After Effects. The Supernatural sightings project was a website I designed to ultilize the google maps API web app.
A user could navigate to the sightings tab and click on a particular sighting i.e. chupacabra, the location of encounters would then pop up on google maps which can then be clicked for the true story of that particular encounter. The site also featured other info such as famous stories and pictures.
I am all the owner of Martial Arts Review. A martial arts blog created in wordpress.
My original portfolio website was my first attempt at creating my personal website. I created it during my second year at univeristy to showcase work I had currently worked on. Futher down are just some general graphics crated in Photoshop. .

Motion Typography

This is a motion typography video I created for Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 rules of success using After Effects

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