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3D game prototype - Dead Trolley

We were assigned to create a game prototype using the Playstation 3 development kit.
The process consisted of students pitching game ideas which were voted on and then being put into teams.
Dead trolley was a nominated idea. The game is basically Supermarket sweep meets Dead Rising. The teams consisted of 2 programmers and 4 artists. As one of the artists I worked on such things as the main game protagonist, modelled, rigged and animated. Custom upgradable trolleys and level assets.
Part of the project was to set milestone presentations to present to the class. This showed current work progress which we was marked on. Once the game was complete a final presentation pitching the game idea was presented.
The game was nominated for the Games Britannia Gaming Expo in July 2012 but the team declined due to other work commitments.

Tools Used

3D Studio Max