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Lost Child - 3D animation

A strange child wakes up in the middle of a dark and mysterious woods with no memory of how he got there or why. Upon investigating his surroundings he soon discovers that everything is not as it seems and a dark evil stalks his every move.
Lost child is a personal project that had been plaguing my mind ever since I left university. I wanted to create a original spooky short animated movie.
All made from scratch, I put a lot of time and effort into this. All rendered in VRay, I hope you enjoy it. Please watch in HD.

Let me in

This animation was based around a sound effect that we picked from 5 availble effects. I was given a rig, picked a sound effect and designed an animation for it. Part of the assigment was to render in VRay and for the final file to be as small as possilble while maintaining quality.
If you are using firefox and have the add-on google disconnect, please disable to view the video. It's a YouTube problem.

Tools Used

3D Studio Max
After Effects
Adobe premiere